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In conjunction with Ad Olam Tours. I am organising 2 tours in 2018 to Israel. The first tour is a more in depth study Tour co-running with Pennie Cranham with a more "Messianic Jewish" flavour where we will delve into some Torah based teaching. The second tour is more catered for Christians who have not been to Israel before, or would like more of a tour of the sites rather than the study emphasis. Both tours will include elements of sightseeing and bible study, but the second tour is more sightseeing than study, and with a guide who will cater more to that.

Tour 1 - 2018


23 April -  29 Apr 2018

This tour was a land based bible study and was a great success!

Yoel, an international Messianic Bible teacher

who runs Ad Olam Tours brought a more "Messianic Jewish" Torah focus to the teaching.

During the day we spent some time at each site with a more in depth focus and daily we had set interactive bible study times where we were focusing on the Parables of Yeshua linking them with the book of Revelation.

We had worship led by Jonathan Newman and a surprise worship leader from Jerusalem where we experienced some spontaneous Jewish dancing led by Yoel! The group really gelled together well and we all had a great time!


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Tour 2 - 2019


October 2018 (7 days) - Price £1140 (based on 20 people, not including flights estimated at £500)

This is more of a Classic Tour of Israel. It is led by Beni Freidman, a Messianic Jewish Believer in Jesus and Liscenced Tour guide. He brings the history and culture of the land to life and has a style of guiding that is highly engaging, humerous and rich with knowledge that is essential to understanding the background of the bible. 

The tour will include short devotional meetings with worship led by Jonathan Newman.


Please contact Jonathan on 07838 177 649 or if you are interested!



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