Israel Pilgrimage Tour 2019

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Gateway to Zion

We will travel to Old Jaffa, also known as the “Gateway to Zion” and contemplate the hardship of Jonah and the unclean vision given to Peter in Acts 10. What were the obstacles these two men of God faced in following the divine call? Next we will visit the Hall of independence where the state of Israel was boldly declared on May the 14th 1948 amongst a dangerous reality. Then we will arrive at Prima Hotel Tel Aviv for dinner and time relax and settle in.

Day 2 – Mediterranean Coast to Galilee

We begin at Caesarea Maratima where not only did Herod the great build the greatest artificial harbour on the Eastern Mediterranean coast, but also what would become the Roman capital of the land for over 600 years until the Muslim conquest. We will contemplate life under Rome and see the stairs by which Paul boarded his ship to stand before Caesar. We will then travel to Mount Carmel where we will see the view of the area Elijah's contest which reflects the Lord's victory over the prophets of Baal. On our way inland towards Galilee we will visit Tel Megiddo also known as Armageddon, the possible site for the final battle described in the book of Revelation. Our next stop will be Mount Precipice on the edge of Nazareth to see what has become of this once lowly village, an Arab Israeli and Jewish city and also the breadbasket of the Jezreel Valley. From Luke 4v16-30 and Isaiah 61 we will be inspired by the proclamation Jesus made of himself to his fellow villagers but also be challenged by the question of their anger. Finally we will drive through the town of Cana, the traditional site where Jesus turned water into wine. We will arrive at Kibbutz Hotel in Galilee in time for dinner.

Day 3 - Around the Sea of Galilee

We begin the day enjoying a morning boat ride on the beautiful lake of Galilee remembering the storms Jesus calmed accompanied by the challenge of his teaching. The boat will dock at Ginnosar with an intriguing visit to a boat dated back to the time of Jesus that was discovered in the mud of the lake. Part of how the boat was dated also offers some interesting insights into the parable of the 10 virgins who fell asleep waiting for the Day of the Lord. Here there is also time for shopping and to visit a memorial to one of Israels most beloved heroes and politicians who presented the “Alon plan” for the autonomous West Bank region. We will then move on to Capernaum which was the home of Peter's fishing family and tax collectors for Rome. Jesus chooses to reside here and it became a training centre for his family disciples. But why here? We will travel a short distance on to the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus, the new Rabbi presented His teachings of the Torah and the Kingdom of God by which true blessings from Matthew 5-7 would be offered to the people under very real affliction. We will descend the mount to a Franciscan Church located on the North West corner of the Sea of Galilee called The Primacy of Peter which commemorates Jesus' reinstatement of Peter as chief among the Apostles. Finally we will visit Magdala, the home town of Mary Magdeline and the Synagogue where Jesus teachings would have been heard. Here we will ask about the meaning of Demon possession, excorsism of unclean spirits and taking up the Yoke of Jesus' teaching as a Rabbi. We will then return back to the Hotel for dinner.

Day 4 – Jordan Valley up to Jerusalem

We begin the day at the Kaser El Yehud Jordan River Baptismal site. It is located at the point where the Jordan River empties into the Dead Sea opposite Jericho. Israel crossed into the land of Canaan at Gilgal in Joshua 1-5. We will ask the questions of the meaning of Gilgal and why John chose this to be the place to baptize Israel, proclaiming from Isaiah 40, “prepare a way in the wilderness for the glory of the Lord to come and be revealed”. We will be inspired by the choosing of this legacy for the immersing and revealing of Jesus to Israel. We will then ascend to Qumran where a community of Jewish men in living the depths of the desert separated themselves from society and the corrupted institution of the temple in Jerusalem. We will explore their extreme lives of devotion, purity or heart mind word and deed. Through rotation of work, the Holy Scriptures were continually copied and studied. They called themselves “Yachad”, The Unity, and the discovery of their scrolls is considered perhaps the most important archeological discovery of the 20th Century. We will then start our ascent to Jerusalem stopping off at the Adumim Ascent Observation point over Wadi Quilt and the Judean Desert. As we enter the City of Jerusalem we will stop at Mount Scopus for a breathtaking first view over the City of Jerusalem. We will arrive Ramat Rachel Hotel where we will finish the day on the roof of the Hotel from where we can see a unique view of the proximity of Bethlehem with Jerusalem and the desert lands. We will explore what this perspective teaches us about the birth of Jesus, and the wider story of the emerging convergence of worlds of which Jerusalem would be the central point. Finishing the day with dinner in the beautiful Ramat Rachel Kibbutz Hotel.

Day 5 – Jerusalem Day 1

We start today at the City of David where the story of Jerusalem began. We will explore King David's palace and observe evidence of the sin and the sufferings of the people of the city before it's destruction at the hands of the Babylonians. We will end our tour of the City of David at the Pool of Siloam where 1000 years after David, Jesus had healed a blind man as mentioned in John 9 and ask the question why? Ascending to the footsteps of the temple that once stood in Jesus day we will explore the splendour of Jerusalem's Temple in the time that Jesus walked it's streets. Sitting on the steps that Jesus would have taught we will discuss the events of Acts 2, the aftermath of Pentecost, and look at it in it's historical context with some surprising insights. Following along through the Dung gate we will arrive at the most sacred place for devoted Jewish people, The Western Wall and contemplate why it is a place of prayer for all peoples as mentioned in 1 Kings 9v3 and 2 Chronicles 7v14-16. We will remember king Solomon who initiated the first building of the Temple at this sight. Finally we will experience Yad Vashem, a deeply moving museum of the history of the European Genocide during WW2 and the antisemetic ideologies that drive the Nazi hatred. After some time in the bookstore and time for reflection in the beautiful gardens there we will return to the hotel for dinner.


Day 6 – Jerusalem Day 2

We begin the day at the famous Mount of Olives observation point which gives us the best view of the Old City of Jerusalem, it's Temple mount built by King Herod as the largest sacred platform in the Roman world, upon which the early Muslim empire would build it's first shrine. We will ask the question why from the history and architecture. Travelling back thousands of years we will remember Genesis 22 where Abraham brought his son Isaac and where the land of Moriah was first identified as the place where God would provide redemption and justice for His people. A short distance from here we will arrive at the Garden of Gethsemene and beautiful Church of All nations where, amongst the majestic ancient olive trees we will connect with Jesus' prayer in agony the night he was arrested and the intensity of pressure he felt in accepting his imminent death. After a few moments to reflect we will cross the Kidron Valley to visit an underground museum, the Whol Museum, where we will discover the priestly palaces where we will be able to visualize the Gospel narrative of the trial of Jesus before the High Priest. From here we will walk alongside the ancient path that leads to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We ask the questions as to why this is the primary candidate location where Jesus was crucified buried and ressurected. We will seek to comprehend the magnitude of importance this place has had in Christian and world history. We will let the archetecture and varied intersecting Christian theologies and cultures of faith speak to us. Exiting the old City we will make our way to the Garden Tomb to perhaps a more authentic spiritual experience to explore the the cost of salvation in the death of Jesus and the power of the ressurection. The day will finish with our final meal in Jerusalem at the hotel.


Day 7 – Judean Wilderness and the Dead Sea valley

Our first stop after leaving the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem is the tranquil sight of the desert Oasis Ein Gedi where David found refuge from King Saul in 1 Samuel 24, and explore an insight into the character of the man who relinquished the chance to kill his enemy in respect for the Lords annointed. In this unique ancient landscape we will contemplate Psalm 23 and what it really means to fear no evil in the valley of the shadow of death. We will continue along the shores of the Dead sea to the Desert Palaces of Herod the Great on top of Masada. Here we will reflect on the last stand of the Jewish people against the Romans in 73AD. We will be asked the questions from antiquity, “how do you practice your faith when there is no spectator and it seems that all is lost”? How do you oppose your enemy spiritually even in his absence and discern the time to kill? And then there is a time to shop! Our final visit will be to float in the remarkable natural phenomena in the heart of the desert at the lowest place on earth which is the Dead Sea. It is natures spa, with rich strong healing properties. But it is not the reason why kingdoms fought over control of this curious lake. The clue is in the story of the battles of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 14. From the tranquil serenity of the heart of the desert we will travel back to the modern City of Tel Aviv to depart Israel for home.


Each day will finish after dinner with a short Epilogue and reflection based on the days tour with music led by Jonathan Newman followed by a night cap and a good nights rest!


Payment Schedule. 


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• All entrance fees


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• Plane tickets to and from Israel

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• Health Insurance (commonly included with your bank account)

• Lunches (snack lunches on site)

• Expenses that are not listed above for gifts etc. 


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Booking your own flights

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