Jonathan Newman lives in South East London. He began writing and recording music in his late teens. Playing in the band at church from early on Jonathan also worked with, collaborated and recorded with musicians in church circles recording in a small home recording setup. He also started recording production music and eventually joined AKM music as a writer, recording a wide variety of styles for the AKM music library as required.
After leaving the BRIT School in Croydon, Jon went on to Ravensbourne to study an HND in professional broadcasting. He worked with STV on Cooperate and Religious live TV events and editing. As a sound engineer Jonathan worked at the Maidstone studios, Formula 1 and Sky TV. Jonathan began working out of a single room studio recording/producing with various artists.
Jon has written a large amount of mainly contemporary Christian / Spiritual songs and has attempted over the years to record some of these songs onto albums. However the vast majority of songs are still awaiting the time to finish, produce, record and release.
Summer 2017 Jonathan has been working in collaboration with on some CCM songs recorded in Nashville, and there are many plans in process for future projects and events.
Jonathan has been leading worship at various churches for the past 15 years. He has played at Christian events and more recently has been employed at Orpington Baptist church as the worship coordinator/leader. Over the past 10 years Jonathan has taken a journey discovering the roots of his Christian faith and took on a Messianic lifestyle, attending a Messianic Synagogue and became involved with the music there.
He is involved with many collaborative projects. You can find these on the "Projects" link at the top of the page. Click here for info on the latest info.
Jonathan has many dreams, one of which to set up a UK based Messianic radio station to service the growing need in this newly emerging movement with a balanced and scholarly foundation. He has visited Israel many times over the last 10 years and made connections there with people who share the passion to connect the faith back to the land and the historical/cultural context from which it was birthed.
jJonathan also has a vision to give people the space to promote their music on the web, long term setting up a Live space that can be used to transmit live video of music performances with great sound quality but still keeping in organic and with a local roots following being the focus. See "Projects" for the beginnings of this.
Watch this space! As time, timing and resources become available I'm sure these projects will develop.
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