I have a vault of songs that have come to me. I don't know why I'm posting them on here, but I feel like they need to have a place in the world even though they aren't "born" yet. Maybe it will spur me on to get moving with them a bit faster!

I like my songwriting to be a natural process, so my phone is my companion! When I get a song walking along, in my dream, on the bus, in the shower, by the beach, I get a tune, a theme, and a scattering of words, sometimes I get the full arrangement in my head.

I go through my rambling ideas and set up a "jam session" with a variety of drums guitar and piano. I then "jam out" the basic idea of the songs with the first words that come to mind at the time. Sometimes these words make sense, sometimes they don't. But the process is to discipher what the words are! I can hear the finished song through my ramblings, but it takes time to feel the song, to squeeze out the meaning. It works the same on collaborative writing. I find this is the most natural way to bring a song into the world. Some words still don't make sense to me even after release. But thats the great mystery of the song birthing process. It needs to speak to people individually, and that might mean it doesn't make complete sense to me. But it will to somoene.


This page is about just getting the ideas out there, because there are some really encouraging gems hidden in the themes of these songs. I pray as you read through some of the ideas you will be encouraged, and join with me in looking forward to getting the songs into their finished state! It is a mammoth task, but it's in process! 

Because of copywrite purposes I haven't added links to all of the "jam sessions" of these songs, but the ones underlined can be clicked on to hear a jam demo of them.

Songs in blue are ones that are finished, and the link is to the final track or any other version/live performance of it.

A part of you dies GD
When someone is taken out of your life, weather through death, or other circumstances where they are not part of your life again, a part of you is lost, a part of you dies. 
A thousand miles GD
We perceive God as being far away from us, but he is as close as a prayer to him. The distance is only in your failure to sonnet with Him in prayer
Adonai Eloheinu (Mizrahi) G
Hebrew song speaking of God being our God and being one.
All consuming GPD
When you give yourself to God, he can completely consume you. Unlike other things that consume us and destroy us, when you are consumed by God you are healed and restored to who you are meant to be.
All I’m giving today GPD
When we make the decision to give all we are to Him each day we find that he is able to show himself more in our lives every day. Every day can be sunny when you make a conscious decision to live life like this.
All of this fighting R
The world is at war with itself, in the end this is all meaningless. When the horrors of war are exposed it often makes the causes for the war or the fight pale into insignificance.
All that I ever need P
Gods love is all that we need. Whatever we think we need, it is found in sourcing our faith in Him
All that I need is to know you GD
All that I need is to be known and to know Him as He is. There are so many arguments, so many variables, the only answer is to know the one who is the all in all, who is totally complete in all things. Thats why it’s no use looking for answers, only finding a relationship with Him.
All your pain is a part of your growing P
In the development of who we are, we need pain. It isn’t something we can opt out of in life, why is that? Because it is a powerful ingredient in our growth. 
And I fall in love with you P
There is attraction, and there is falling in love. The falling in love part takes time, and doing life together.
And I see you there P
When we see “the Lord ascended” we see ourselves. He is the image of who we will be, and he calls us to imitate an become like Him. Yeshua, Messiah.
And I thank you for the cross G
The effect of the cross in our lives can free us from living life with a heavy burden. When Yeshua said “take my yoke for it is easy”, did he have the cost in mind, that our relationship to what causes death in our lives and the impossible situations in our lives is different because of the cross. It is a gift of freedom for us through His death and resurrection.
And then I saw it appear GD 
Sometimes fear can be dispelled when we see the face of someone who we can trust and believe in to take hold of the situation. When we see Him appear in lives situations, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing it is going to be ok.
And then I see another day (Help me) P
Another day is another way of living. We need God to help us live as if we are living in a different reality of today that is always available to us. To become a different person to who you are currently being. We need Him to “be” through us, and enter into a different day, the eternal day, where He is.
And then you called me out of the familiar GPD
Home can feel so safe and familiar, but God is always calling us out of the familiar!
Another life support system GD
We breathe, live and have our being in something, someone else.
Are you on the outside GPD
Sometimes we see ourselves as living outside the life we want to be living, like we are looking in on the way we act, see and feel like an outsider longing to come in and act see and feel how we really want to! Are you in control of your life or are you allowing impulse and your animalistic self to live on your life like a parasite?
Assailed GD
Do we ever challenge the status quo. It may take some effort and might even cause a war!
Awake P
This is a call to God for us to awake. Hear the call, let His voice bring you back to life.
Another life (Prodigy) V
It might take experiencing something bad to make you long to live differently.
Back in the garden with you PG
You’re not home until you are back in the Garden with Him, in Eden, as we were.
Battery GD
This is an instrumental track.
Be clothed in Him GD
We need to be clothed in Him. Romans 13v14 tells us to clothe ourselves in messiah.
Believe that I can fly GD
Sometimes what God calls us to be and to do feels like he is telling us to fly, but you have no wings! When God calls us to the impossible, it is only our definition of it that makes that reality so.
Believing GD
This song is about Jonah hearing Gods call and running a million miles away. But God didn’t give up. Jonah was the guy who was going to deliver the message, no matter how far he wanted to run away from the call.
Beyond all thats me GP
Coming near to God, being cherished by Him, safe in that environment and relationship of love you can go beyond who you are.
Beyond the veil of the seen
This is an instrumental track with a faint whisper hinting at what may lie beyond the physical veil of the seen.
Bind us together
This is a new rendition of the classic song “bind us together”.
Blessed be the name of the Lord who is high enough GD
This is a song of blessing to God who is higher than everything, exalted and glorified.
Blue Light 
If we could only let go of the stupid things one day we will find someone else inside of us.
By the river GD
It’s only the tree planted by the river that will receive the goodness of God. Eternal this river flows away into the fields of another day.
Can you believe that you are blind GP
Are we willing to admit the state we are in. Maybe we are not even aware of it. Can you actually bring yourself to believe that something is not right with you. That is the first step to moving forward into becoming well as a person. 
Can you see beyond the box of pain you are currently in? There is an outside reality that is very different from the world you currently find yourself in. Can you see beyond a world that lives a tragedy?
Can you see that Im closer GPD
God is closer to you than any other. Even yourself! 
Cherish the day 
Cherish the here and the now, don’t plan tomorrow for it will not happen as you plan it, it may not happen at all. This is a call to live in the now, because that is where you will find yourself, that is where you will find God.
Chesed D
This is a cry for Gods loving mercy on those who have becomes hardened in their selfish desires. They have been consumed by themselves and have become arrogant. This is a cry that God would forgive, for they do not know what they do. 
Come and dance with me GP\
This is a call to dance with someone else in life. It is a joint thing that takes work to get right but it is a dance, and that is enjoyable! 
Come and see the king of Glory GD
A song of praise calling the people of God to lift the King of Glory high.
Come inside and take a rest PD
God is our Shabbat rest. When the yoke is heavy, put it down, it’s the wrong one! 
Come into my Holy Presence P
Don’t let anything stop you from coming into Gods presence. Nothing can block your way to Him. You’ve wanted so long to get near to Him, maybe it is your belief that you can’t come near that is stopping you?
Come now beloved GD
This is a song from the Heavenly Father to His children.
Come O Lord PD
A song of worship that welcomes God. 
Come on and lift your voice GD
Lifting up our voice in praise welcomes the king of Glory in. But it isn’t just your voice, it is your life, this is a play on Psalm 24 where it defines what the ancient doors are in the people who seek Him.
Come see (living in a void of happiness)
Staring down the barrel of a negative reality can leave you in a void of happiness in your life. This song is a friend offering to take the hand of someone who is experiencing a negative life to come and see something that will set him free.
Cool mix
The reading of Hebrews 1 with a musical background.
It might be too late. Don’t waver on the edge of the crevis. Life can offer you great views but there is no safety barrier preventing you from falling into the crevis.
What can we learn from the willingness of Yeshua to go through the crucifixion. Maybe we can learn that we are really not ready to do so ourselves. It is in the light of this that we realise we love our lives more than we think and are not willing to lose it in order to find it.
Dancing in water
All my life I’ve been singing a song that has caused me to dance in water (something usually quite hard to do)
Dartland (Its all alright)
In the night, it’s all alright, He has heard your cry, you can know it’s all alright.
This is a song that encourages us to declare it on the mountains the Glory of the Lord most High.
Discipline in hell
How long will God’s long-suffering hold out against rebellion. That rebellion will be disciplined in fire, the Jewish concept of Gehenna that is for the sake of purifying.
Do you feel afraid
This is a song for those who feel afraid in the middle of the night. 
Do you know that the silence is filled with gold
The best wisdom is found when we listen in silence. We are surrounded with noise and we need to find room to hear.
Do you love me more than life
Or am I keeping you?
Dont forget
We so often forget the amazing things God has done in our lives, throughout Israel’s settlement in the land they were urged to regularly, annually, remember the amazing things God had done in getting them out of Egypt and into the land at Passover. We would do well to do the same, regularly.
Don’t give up the veil is torn
We disqualify ourselves and give up for no reason. The veil that separates us from the most tangible presence of God is torn in two. Yeshua is the veil, through Him we are welcomed into the holiest place.
Don’t go away
I need your love to stay!
Don’t save me
I want to be saved from the hustle and bustle of the city, Ive drunk too many, Ive seen too much. Save me from the city, and what the city does to me.
Dream scaling the wall
The Lord is my life, this song is a dedication of my life to God in ever increasing ways.
Emmanuel Our God is with us
The miracle that God has come to dwell with us in human form
Even though
Still I will not let go even if there is no bud on the fig tree or grapes on the vine. Habakuk 3v17
Everlasting flow
Just to let go and stop working it out and lay back in the everlasting flow.
Everybody can see
This is a song about coming out in the open about a relationship, everybody can now see that you are mine.
Everybodys saying you’ve abandoned me
When people are saying “where is your God?” Psalm 42
Everythings lit up in your life
Asking God to light up the things that I may not have seen in me that are not like Him. 
Everywhere you go
God is with you wherever you go, whatever you do, he sees everything about you, so don’t try and hide from him, just be open with him and let Him walk with you.
Exactly what you say
He keeps promises, we can trust He will do exactly what He said He would
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