The Crew

The crew is made up of volunteers who are passionate about the technology and the music. Below is a list of various jobs that are required to make each event a success. There is a minimum requirement, and an ideal requirement depending on availability of personel. People operating the equipment will need a level of experience and there is always an opportunity for eager novices to sit and learn from those who know how to operate equipment.





Video Switcher - Required to cut the live video feed from the Mevo software on an ipad

Live Sound mixer - Required to drive the live sound mix for the concert venue

Broadcast sound mixer - Required to mix the Broadcast version of the sound, located in a separate room with monitors

Stream engineer - Required to monitor the stream in another room checking the stability and quality of the vision/sound




Lighting supervisor - Usually lights will be set up simply on one colour and in front of the musicians by the sound crew, but a lighting supervisor can make things a little more "moody" with creative use of colours and lighting effects.

Sound assistant - To be responsible for serving the musicians/technitions in the live venue and the streaming room.

Refreshments team - To make the evening a little more "buzzy".

Door volunteers and ushers - To help keep all things "venue" under control





Because house concerts don't need a live PA, the only requirement is a Video switcher (although there is an Auto mode on the Mevo) and a Broadcast sound mixer, in the same room, with headphones on. Of course it would be useful if there is someone available to check everything is coming across ok listening in another room on Facebook.




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