This facebook live stage event will be every three months, with various artists in the line up. Any house concerts will happen independant of these two monthly events. Below are the links of the events and the current lineup of artists for them. If the event is in the past, the link will take you to the archive on Youtube of the event.

If you are part of the band, please click above to access the password proteced live notebook on evernote which contains lyrics, chords and music, demo tracks, technical rigs and other resources. This link always links to the latest version info.

Feb 18th 2018 - 7pm Event

May 20th 2018 Worship event at OBC (only obc FB members can see at the moment)

Part 1

Part 2

Jul 15th 2018 - Maynard Newman in obc foyer

Part 1 & 2

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