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Below are all the Chords and Yutube Videos for the CTIO Band


Drums - Andi (Christ Church)

Guitar - Cliff / Jon (Hope)

Bass - Morris (GSG)

Vocals - Jude (GSG)

Vocals - Hollie (BTC)

Rap - Thandeka (OBC)

Piano - Jon (OBC)


Click HERE for the folder on dropbox of completed chords that you can download.

Please note this folder is a master folder so any adjusted Chord sheets will overwrite

previous versions. Final versions are always in this folder. 

Click HERE for the Youtube playlist to learn the songs



Below is the Song list - Finished chord sheets are in Bold





Where there once was only hurt 

(with Choir)


I believe

(with Choir)


Every Praise

(With Choir)


Blinded by Your Grace

(Featuring Thandeka ...and Choir maybe)


Yes and Amen



My Lighthouse



You say

(Jude Solo with Jon on keys)


Let the King of My heart



Lord turn your footsteps



See His love



There is a day



I raise a Hallelujah



I can only imagine









More than Words

(Jon - Solo Guitar)


A million dreams



Higher love



Never enough




(Jude - Or Gari Glaysher???)


This is me



You really got me going

(Andi lead on guitar? - Jon on drums?)


Give a little bit

Andi lead on guitar? - Jon on drums?)


Could you be loved

(Jon - heavy harmonies Jude)





True love ways



Wake me up - Evernescence



Crazy thing called love



Hey Jude



A thousand years









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