Jonathan has always been interested in the "prophetic" power of music, in other words, the ability for music to influence mood for the purpose of helping people to hear from God as outlined in 2 Kings 3 verse 15 where Elisha needed some help to guide the kings of Israel and Judah at that time. Once the minstrel started to play Elisha was able to give practical instructions that would be the catalyst for a miracle and a great victory.


Jonathan and Richard both have an interest in synthesizers being used in the context of spiritual music. They have been worship leaders in churches and have learnt how to play in such a way that guides people into a place where they can tune into a higher sense of Gods presence. 


They have recorded some of their sessions and made them available for free download for use in personal and coorporate prayer times. Please click the Asaph logo to to be taken to the website where free downloads of all the music available is offered.

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