The Technology

The aim is to cut down the weight of equipment needed, because that cuts down the cost, the time required for setup, and the manpower needed. This would become a distraction to the main purpose. To get the music out there! The main focus at first is to get a good sound. Music is sound! So there is a greater focus on producing a good sound to go with whatever video we broadcast. 


A small multi camera setup that will improve as crew and equipment is available. Over time the look and feel will mature.


Because this is music, the sound requirement is more involved. Two sound mixes will be generated, one for the live stage, foldback for the musicians, Live PA for the audience. But for Facebook live, there will be a separate mix generated in another room that will be optimized for broadcast. This will ensure that the best sound will be broadcast, and archives that will reside on the Youtube channel and Facebook videos can be used as good quality demos for the artists and musicians. The aim is to ensure people feel confident that the best sound quality is going to be heard online, there is nothing worse than listening to a video that has poor sound quality, usually the reason for this is because the video is either using the sound from a mobile phone microphone or even worse, a direct output from the live sound mix which often sounds worse  than the sound from a mobile phone! It doesn't to the music justice!

Facebook live and Youtube live

These seem to be the best platforms to reach more people. They are set up for this kind of thing! And the Mevo Camera is capable of streaming similtaneously to these platforms. These evens can then be shared as a link in an email to friends and family, or can simply be broadcast on people's social media profiles. 

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